Materials Today, издание 48, номера страниц: 18-28

Superconductivity at 253 K in lanthanum–yttrium ternary hydrides

Ivanova Anna 2
Hanfland M. 4
Sadakov A.V. 5
Glazyrin K. 6
Giordano Nico 6
Karimov Denis N. 2
Vasiliev Alexander 2, 3
Akashi Ryosuke 7
Pudalov V.M. 8, 9
Тип публикацииJournal Article
Дата публикации2021-09-01
ЖурналMaterials Today
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Квартиль WOSQ1
Impact factor24.2
Condensed Matter Physics
General Materials Science
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanics of Materials
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Polyhydrides offer intriguing perspectives as high-temperature superconductors. Here we report the high-pressure synthesis of a series of lanthanum-yttrium ternary hydrides: cubic hexahydride $(La,Y)H_{6}$ with a critical temperature $T_{C}$ = 237 +/- 5 K and decahydrides $(La,Y)H_{10}$ with a maximum $T_{C}$ ~${253 K}$ and an extrapolated upper critical magnetic field $B_{C2(0)}$ up to ${135 T}$ at 183 GPa. This is one of the first examples of ternary high-$T_{C}$ superconducting hydrides. Our experiments show that a part of the atoms in the structures of recently discovered ${Im3m}$-$YH_{6}$ and ${Fm3m}$-$LaH_{10}$ can be replaced with lanthanum (~70 %) and yttrium (~25 %), respectively, with a formation of unique ternary superhydrides containing incorporated $La@H_{24}$ and $Y@H_{32}$ which are specific for ${Im3m}$-$LaH_{6}$ and ${Fm3m}$-$YH_{10}$. Ternary La-Y hydrides were obtained at pressures of 170-196 GPa via the laser heating of $P6_{3}$${/mmc}$ lanthanum-yttrium alloys in the ammonia borane medium at temperatures above 2000 K. A novel tetragonal $(La,Y)H_{4}$ was discovered as an impurity phase in synthesized cubic $(La,Y)H_{6}$. The current-voltage measurements show that the critical current density $J_{C}$ in $(La,Y)H_{10}$ may exceed $2500 A/mm^{2}$ at 4.2 K, which is comparable with that for commercial superconducting wires such as ${NbTi}$, $Nb_{3}$${Sn}$. Hydrides that are unstable in a pure form may nevertheless be stabilized at relatively low pressures in solid solutions with superhydrides having the same structure.
1. Semenok D.V. и др. Superconductivity at 253 K in lanthanum–yttrium ternary hydrides // Materials Today. 2021. Т. 48. С. 18–28.


DO - 10.1016/j.mattod.2021.03.025

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TI - Superconductivity at 253 K in lanthanum–yttrium ternary hydrides

T2 - Materials Today

AU - Semenok, Dmitrii V.

AU - Troyan, Ivan A.

AU - Ivanova, Anna G.

AU - Kvashnin, Alexander G.

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AU - Vasiliev, Alexander L.

AU - Akashi, Ryosuke

AU - Pudalov, Vladimir M.

AU - Oganov, Artem R.

PY - 2021

DA - 2021/09

PB - Elsevier BV

SP - 18-28

VL - 48

SN - 1369-7021

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Semenok, Dmitrii V. et al. “Superconductivity at 253 K in Lanthanum–yttrium Ternary Hydrides.” Materials Today 48 (2021): 18–28. Crossref. Web.