Materials Today, том 48, номера страниц: 18-28

Superconductivity at 253 K in lanthanum–yttrium ternary hydrides

Vasiliev Alexander L.
Pervakov Kirill S.
Akashi Ryosuke
Giordano Nico
Karimov Denis N.
Lyubutin Igor S.
Ivanova Anna G.
Pudalov Vladimir M.
Glazyrin Konstantin V.
Тип документаJournal Article
Дата публикации2021-09-19
Название журналаMaterials Today
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Импакт-фактор 202126.94
Condensed Matter Physics
General Materials Science
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanics of Materials
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Polyhydrides offer intriguing perspectives as high-temperature superconductors. Here we report the high-pressure synthesis of a series of lanthanum-yttrium ternary hydrides: cubic hexahydride $(La,Y)H_{6}$ with a critical temperature $T_{C}$ = 237 +/- 5 K and decahydrides $(La,Y)H_{10}$ with a maximum $T_{C}$ ~${253 K}$ and an extrapolated upper critical magnetic field $B_{C2(0)}$ up to ${135 T}$ at 183 GPa. This is one of the first examples of ternary high-$T_{C}$ superconducting hydrides. Our experiments show that a part of the atoms in the structures of recently discovered ${Im3m}$-$YH_{6}$ and ${Fm3m}$-$LaH_{10}$ can be replaced with lanthanum (~70 %) and yttrium (~25 %), respectively, with a formation of unique ternary superhydrides containing incorporated $La@H_{24}$ and $Y@H_{32}$ which are specific for ${Im3m}$-$LaH_{6}$ and ${Fm3m}$-$YH_{10}$. Ternary La-Y hydrides were obtained at pressures of 170-196 GPa via the laser heating of $P6_{3}$${/mmc}$ lanthanum-yttrium alloys in the ammonia borane medium at temperatures above 2000 K. A novel tetragonal $(La,Y)H_{4}$ was discovered as an impurity phase in synthesized cubic $(La,Y)H_{6}$. The current-voltage measurements show that the critical current density $J_{C}$ in $(La,Y)H_{10}$ may exceed $2500 A/mm^{2}$ at 4.2 K, which is comparable with that for commercial superconducting wires such as ${NbTi}$, $Nb_{3}$${Sn}$. Hydrides that are unstable in a pure form may nevertheless be stabilized at relatively low pressures in solid solutions with superhydrides having the same structure.
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