ACS Applied Polymer Materials, том 4, издание 10, номера страниц: 7387-7396

Photoinduced Split of the Cavity Mode in Photonic Crystals Based on Porous Silicon Filled with Photochromic Azobenzene-Containing Substances

Svyakhovskiy Sergey 1
Roslyakov Ilya V. 2, 3
Piryazev Alexey A. 1, 4, 5
Ivanov Dimitri A. 1, 4, 5, 6
Shibaev Valery P. 1
Cigl Martin 7
Hamplová Vera 7
Bubnov Alexej 7
Тип документаJournal Article
Дата публикации2022-09-05
ИздательAmerican Chemical Society
Название журналаACS Applied Polymer Materials
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Импакт-фактор 20214.86
ISSN26376105, 26376105
Organic Chemistry
Process Chemistry and Technology
Polymers and Plastics
Краткое описание
The novel phototunable photonic structures based on electrochemically etched silicon filled with four photochromic azobenzene-containing compounds, bent-shaped low molar mass substance and side-chain polymethacrylates and copolyacrylate, were prepared and their photooptical properties were studied. It was found that irradiation of these composites with polarized blue light results in spectral changes in photonic band gap (split of the cavity mode) associated with cooperative photoorientation of azobenzene moieties inside silicon pores in direction perpendicular to the polarization plane of the incident light. Kinetics of the photoinduced split is studied. The observed phototoinduced split is completely reversible and heating of the composites to temperatures above isotropization or glass transitions fully recovers the initial spectral shape of photonic band gap. Thermal and temporal stability of the obtained photoinduced split were comparatively studied, and it was found that for composites with bent-shaped substance and polymethacrylate shape of the reflectance spectra does not change over time at room temperature. The prepared composites have high potential for the different applications in photonics.
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1. Bobrovsky A. Yu. и др. Photoinduced Split of the Cavity Mode in Photonic Crystals Based on Porous Silicon Filled with Photochromic Azobenzene-Containing Substances // ACS Applied Polymer Materials. 2022. Т. 4. № 10. С. 7387–7396.


DO - 10.1021/acsapm.2c01149

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TI - Photoinduced Split of the Cavity Mode in Photonic Crystals Based on Porous Silicon Filled with Photochromic Azobenzene-Containing Substances

T2 - ACS Applied Polymer Materials

AU - Bobrovsky, Alexey Yu.

AU - Svyakhovskiy, Sergey

AU - Roslyakov, Ilya V.

AU - Piryazev, Alexey A.

AU - Ivanov, Dimitri A.

AU - Shibaev, Valery P.

AU - Cigl, Martin

AU - Hamplová, Vera

AU - Bubnov, Alexej

PY - 2022

DA - 2022/09/05

PB - American Chemical Society (ACS)

SP - 7387-7396

IS - 10

VL - 4

SN - 2637-6105

SN - 2637-6105

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