Nootropic activity of N-(2-acetylaminoethyl)glycolurils

Тип документаJournal Article
Дата публикации2020-03-01
Название журналаRussian Chemical Bulletin
ИздательSpringer Nature
ISSN10665285, 15739171
  • General Chemistry
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The neurotropic activity of N-(2-acetylaminoethyl)glycoluril derivatives and their analgesic effect were studied. The nootropic activity of glycolurils was investigated for the first time, and a compound with the nootropic effect exceeding that of piracetam was revealed.
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1. Anikina L.V., Gazieva G.A., Kravchenko A.N. Nootropic activity of N-(2-acetylaminoethyl)glycolurils // Russian Chemical Bulletin. 2020. Т. 69. № 3. С. 563–566.


DO - 10.1007/s11172-020-2799-2

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TI - Nootropic activity of N-(2-acetylaminoethyl)glycolurils

T2 - Russian Chemical Bulletin

AU - Anikina, L. V.

AU - Gazieva, G. A.

AU - Kravchenko, A. N.

PY - 2020

DA - 2020/03

PB - Springer Science and Business Media LLC

SP - 563-566

IS - 3

VL - 69

SN - 1066-5285

SN - 1573-9171

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