Platinum nanoparticles supported on nitrogen-doped carbons as electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction

Moguchikh E.A., Paperzh K.O., Alekseenko A.A., Gribov E.N., Tabachkova N.Y., Maltseva N.V., Tkachev A.G., Neskoromnaya E.A., Melezhik A.V., Butova V.V., Safronenko O.I., Guterman V.E.
Тип документаJournal Article
Дата публикации2022-02-01
Название журналаJournal of Applied Electrochemistry
ИздательSpringer Nature
ISSN0021891X, 15728838
  • Materials Chemistry
  • General Chemical Engineering
  • Electrochemistry
Краткое описание
Behavior of Pt/C catalysts obtained by the platinum deposition on standard and nitrogen-doped carbon supports with different microstructure has been studied in the oxygen electroreduction reaction in an acidic electrolyte. The catalysts based on the modified supports are characterized by a uniform spatial distribution of small-sized (1.5–2 nm) Pt nanoparticles over the surface of the supports, which results in high values of the electrochemically active surface area (110–130 m2 g− 1 (Pt)). The use of various stress testing protocols has shown that the Pt/C material based on the N-doped KetjenBlack EC DJ-600 possesses the highest mass activity and durability, which noticeably exceed the corresponding characteristics of the commercial HiSPEC3000 catalyst.
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1. Moguchikh E. A. и др. Platinum nanoparticles supported on nitrogen-doped carbons as electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction // Journal of Applied Electrochemistry. 2021. Т. 52. № 2. С. 231–246.


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