Magnetic Resonance Imaging, том 61, номера страниц: 167-174

Computation of the resonance frequencies of the transmission line resonators used in MRI

Pirogov Yury A.
Mokhova Elizaveta A.
Тип документаJournal Article
Дата публикации2019-04-27
Название журналаMagnetic Resonance Imaging
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ISSN0730725X, 18735894
Radiology Nuclear Medicine and imaging
Biomedical Engineering
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Stripline high frequency resonators or transmission line resonators (TLRs) manufactured as concentric RF coils at the opposite sides of a dielectric sheet serve as wireless self-resonant transmitters-receivers in MRI. Owing to their high quality factor relative to traditional RF coils composed of bulk inductor and capacitors, frequency selectivity of TLRs is high, making them promising elements for single-nucleus MRI. However, the computation of their resonance frequencies is cumbersome, and numerous mathematical mistakes and typos in publications lead to incorrect results. The present publication is the first to summarize the corrected formulas for computations and presents comparison of such computations to real measurements.
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TI - Computation of the resonance frequencies of the transmission line resonators used in MRI

T2 - Magnetic Resonance Imaging

AU - Protopopov, Alex

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