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Harmonic Generation with Single-Cycle Light Pulses

Drozdov A.A., Kozlov S.A., Sukhorukov A.A., Kivshar Y.S.
Тип документаJournal Article
Дата публикации2013-03-13
Название журналаEPJ Web of Conferences
ИздательEDP Sciences
ISSN21016275, 2100014X
  • General Medicine
Краткое описание
We study theoretically spatiotemporal pulse dynamics in cubic nonlinear media with instant response, nonresonant absorption and normal group velocity dispersion and reveal new features of harmonic generation when the pulse duration is reduced, including the suppression of third-harmonic generation for single-cycle light pulses.
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1. Drozdov A.A. и др. Harmonic Generation with Single-Cycle Light Pulses // EPJ Web of Conferences. 2013. Т. 41. С. 01006.


DO - 10.1051/epjconf/20134101006

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TI - Harmonic Generation with Single-Cycle Light Pulses

T2 - EPJ Web of Conferences

AU - Drozdov, A.A.

AU - Kozlov, S.A.

AU - Sukhorukov, A.A.

AU - Kivshar, Yu.S.

PY - 2013

PB - EDP Sciences

SP - 01006

VL - 41

SN - 2100-014X

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