Crystal solvates of zinc(II) bis(dipyrrinates) with triethylamine: Composition, stability and spectral-luminescent properties

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Дата публикации2016-03-03
Название журналаJournal of Coordination Chemistry
ИздательTaylor & Francis
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Materials Chemistry
Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
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Abstract Crystal solvates of 2,2′-, 2,3′- and 3,3′-bis(dipyrrinato)zinc(II) with triethylamine (TEA) were obtained by slow crystallization. Composition, structural organization, stability, and spectral-luminescent properties of the crystal solvates were studied by FTIR, Powder X-ray Diffraction, thermal, mass spectral, absorption and fluorescence analyses. The thermal dissociation processes of crystal solvates in an argon atmosphere have been investigated. It is shown that zinc(II) helicates with decamethylsubstituted 2,2′-, 2,3′-, and 3,3′-bis(dipyrrin)s with TEA form stable supramolecular complexes of the composition [Zn2L2(TEA)4] and [Zn2L2TEA]. Spectroscopic studies showed that the quantum yield (φ) of [Zn2L2(TEA)n] crystal solvates in cyclohexane is noticeably (3–4.5 times) lower than φ of [Zn2L2] complexes. Quantum chemical study indicated the most likely mechanism for the coordination of solvent molecules on the coordinating centers of [Zn2L2]. Thermal and energy stability of [Zn2L2(TEA)n] solvates reduced when replacing the 2,2′- on 2,3′-, and 3,3′-isomer. The obtained results are of interest for the development of [Zn2L2] fluorescent sensors of the electron donor molecules.
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1. Guseva G. B. и др. Crystal solvates of zinc(II) bis(dipyrrinates) with triethylamine: composition, stability and spectral-luminescent properties // Journal of Coordination Chemistry. 2016. Т. 69. № 5. С. 901–914.


DO - 10.1080/00958972.2016.1147562

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TI - Crystal solvates of zinc(II) bis(dipyrrinates) with triethylamine: composition, stability and spectral-luminescent properties

T2 - Journal of Coordination Chemistry

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PY - 2016

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