High Energy Chemistry, том 46, издание 2, номера страниц: 122-126

Spectroscopy of the excited-state complex of zinc(II) with 3,3′-bis(dipyrrolylmethene)

Kuznetsova R. T. 1
Maier G. V. 1
Sikorskaya O. O. 1
Lapin I. N. 1
Svetlichnyi V. A. 1
Antina L. A. 2
Institute of Chemistry of Solutions, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ivanovo, Russia
Тип документаJournal Article
Дата публикации2012-03-06
ИздательPleiades Publishing
Название журналаHigh Energy Chemistry
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Импакт-фактор 20210.84
ISSN00181439, 16083148
Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
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Spectra of nonstationary transient absorption of metal bis(dipyrrolylmethene) complexes in cyclohexane and ethanol, which exhibit different photophysical and photochemical properties in these solvents, have been measured and the yields of excited triplet states have been evaluated. It has been shown that the yield of triplets is determined by the intramolecular structure and the difference in fluorescence and phototransformation yields is due to intermolecular interaction of the excited molecules with the solvation shell.
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Photonics of zinc complexes of 3,3′-bis(dipyrrolylmethenes)
Kuznetsova R.T., Kopylova T.N., Mayer G.V., Sikorskaya O.O., Ermolina E.G., Guseva G.B., Antina L.A.
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Li W., Wang Y., Yang L., Shan X., Cai X., Szeghalmi A., Ye Y., Ma J., Luo M., Hu J., Kiefer W.
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Spectroscopy of ionic and neutral forms of some substituted porphyrins in ground and excited states
Savenkova N.S., Kuznetsova R.T., Lapin I.N., Svetlichnyi V.A., Mayer G.V., Shatunov P.A.
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Spectral and luminescent properties of some porphyrin compounds in different electronic states
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Phototransformations of Organic Compounds upon Powerful Laser Excitation under Nonlinear Absorption Conditions
Kuznetsova R.T., Maier G.V., Kopylova T.N., Svetlichnyi V.A., Tel'minov E.N., Filinov D.N.
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1. Kuznetsova R. T. и др. Spectroscopy of the excited-state complex of zinc(II) with 3,3′-bis(dipyrrolylmethene) // High Energy Chemistry. 2012. Т. 46. № 2. С. 122–126.


DO - 10.1134/s0018143912020051

UR - http://dx.doi.org/10.1134/S0018143912020051

TI - Spectroscopy of the excited-state complex of zinc(II) with 3,3′-bis(dipyrrolylmethene)

T2 - High Energy Chemistry

AU - Kuznetsova, R. T.

AU - Maier, G. V.

AU - Sikorskaya, O. O.

AU - Lapin, I. N.

AU - Svetlichnyi, V. A.

AU - Antina, L. A.

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PY - 2012

DA - 2012/03

PB - Pleiades Publishing Ltd

SP - 122-126

IS - 2

VL - 46

SN - 0018-1439

SN - 1608-3148

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Kuznetsova, R. T., et al. “Spectroscopy of the Excited-State Complex of Zinc(II) with 3,3′-Bis(Dipyrrolylmethene).” High Energy Chemistry, vol. 46, no. 2, Mar. 2012, pp. 122–26. Crossref, https://doi.org/10.1134/s0018143912020051.