Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, том 59, издание 10, номера страниц: 1187-1194

Synthesis, spectral-luminescent properties of B(III) and Zn(II) complexes with alkyl- and aryl-substituted dipyrrins and azadipyrrins

Тип документаJournal Article
Дата публикации2014-09-25
ИздательPleiades Publishing
Название журналаRussian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
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ISSN00360236, 15318613
Inorganic Chemistry
Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
Materials Science (miscellaneous)
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Effect of complexing atom, molecular structure of dipyrrolylmethene and its aza analog on spectral-luminescent properties of heteroleptic boron(III) and homoleptic zinc(II) complexes with 3,3′,5,5′-tetramethyl-2,2′-dipyrrolylmethene, 3,3′,5,5′-tetraphenyl-2,2′-dipyrrolylmethene, and 3,3′,5,5′-tetraphenyl-ms-aza-2,2′-dipyrrolylmethene in organic solvent solutions was studied. The complexes were found to exhibit strong chromophore (λ = 350–690 nm, ɛ ∼ 105 L/mol cm) and fluorescent properties. Quantum yield (γfl) for fluoroborate complexes reaches 100% and is weakly dependent on medium nature. The value of γfl for phenyl- and alkyl-substituted zinc(II) dipyrrolylmethenates in nonpolar solvents is not higher 0.3 and 0.03, respectively; complete fluorescence quenching is observed in electron-donating solvents. Aza-substitution at the meso spacer causes considerable shift of electronic absorption and fluorescence spectra to the red region but completely quenches fluorescence of zinc(II) chelates and decreases γfl of boron(III) complex to 0.04.
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1. Antina E. V. и др. Synthesis, spectral-luminescent properties of B(III) and Zn(II) complexes with alkyl- and aryl-substituted dipyrrins and azadipyrrins // Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. 2014. Т. 59. № 10. С. 1187–1194.


DO - 10.1134/s0036023614100027

UR -

TI - Synthesis, spectral-luminescent properties of B(III) and Zn(II) complexes with alkyl- and aryl-substituted dipyrrins and azadipyrrins

T2 - Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry

AU - Antina, E. V.

AU - Berezin, M. B.

AU - Dudina, N. A.

AU - Burkova, S. L.

AU - Nikonova, A. Yu.

PY - 2014

DA - 2014/09/25

PB - Pleiades Publishing Ltd

SP - 1187-1194

IS - 10

VL - 59

SN - 0036-0236

SN - 1531-8613

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