8thEuChemS Chemistry Congress (ECC8)

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28 августа 2022 — 1 сентября 2022
Сроки подачи тезисов
До 30 мая 2022
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  • Английский
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О конференции

The Portuguese Chemical Society (SPQ), with the support of the Portuguese Electrochemical Society (SPE), has the great pleasure of organizing the 8thEuChemS Chemistry Congress (ECC8), to be held in Lisbon, Portugal, from August 28 to September 1, 2022.

The 8 EuCheMS Chemistry Congress is being built under the unifying theme of Chemistry the Central Science, focusing on the central role of chemistry at the interfaces with biology, material and environmental sciences, both for the progress of humankind and for the solution of fundamental problems of modern societies

Научная программа

An exciting scientific program led by world class experts will develop around seven main scientific topics:


  1. Advances in Synthetic Organic Methodologies
  2. Metal Containing Compounds and Solids: Properties and Applications
  3. Chemistry meets Biology
  4. Colloids and Materials
  5. Biomaterials and Medicinal Chemistry
  6. Catalysis
  7. Spectroscopic and Analytical Tools / Advanced Physical Chemistry

accompanied by three sessions devoted to topics of particular relevance to join scientists from different areas:

  1. Chemistry and Society
  2. Functional Materials
  3. Food Chemistry

and the final one organized by EYCN, the EuChemS European Young Chemists´ Network of EuChemS The program will be completed by three general and particularly important themes, which will run every day and provide a general view of the field, going beyond the view from each classical area:

  1. Molecules in Motion
  2. Energy, Environment and Sustainability
  3. Imaging

Ключевые даты


Oral Communications Presenters: postponed to 30th March, 2022

Notification of Oral Communications Acceptance: 10th May, 2022

Poster Communications Presenters: postponed to 30th May, 2022

Notification of Poster Communications Acceptance: 10th June, 2022

Student Grant Application: 7th June, 2022



Preliminary Program: 10th June, 2022

Final Programme: 27th June, 2022



Standard Registration deadline: 17th June, 2022

Late registration deadline: 5th August, 2022

Организационный сбор

From 105 to 725 € depending on your status, type and date of registration. For additional information check the conference website.