ISF workshop on mitochondria: past and present (Mito 2022)

Страна проведения
Дата проведения
13-16 ноября 2022
Сроки подачи тезисов
До 7 сентября 2022
Способ проведения
Языки проведения
  • Английский
Области науки
  • Клеточная биология
Организационный сбор

Package Fees (Registration & 3 Nights Accommodation)

Standard Room Student – Sharing a double room NIS 950

Superior Room Participant – Single room NIS 2990

Superior Room Participant – Sharing a double room NIS 1950

О конференции

Dear colleagues,

After a long wait… two years. It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the international workshop on Mitochondria: Past and Present – Evolution,

Proteostasis, Dynamics & Disease, which will take place at the Ein Gedi Kibbutz Hotel, Israel.

Based on the success of our previous meetings, we have created a tradition with the encouragement of the participants and our colleagues.

Our prime motivation for this meeting stems from the recognition that mitochondria have become a focal point of basic and medical research

worldwide. In Israel, many groups in the scientific and medical communities have been recruited to the ranks of mitochondrial researchers,

involved in oxidative stress, evolution, apoptosis, organelle biogenesis, protein import and various aspects of the mitochondrial genetic system.

Medical research has discovered numerous interfaces with mitochondrial function, revealing the basis of diseases such as deafness, diabetes,

schizophrenia, and multi-system disorders.

The program includes 18 foreign and 20 Israeli speakers on fascinating topics related to this eukaryotic subcellular organelle. The meeting aims to

bring together basic and medical researchers from different disciplines to discuss the major topics of interest in an informal atmosphere thereby

encouraging the formation of interdisciplinary collaborations and larger team efforts.

Once again, we thank you for joining us for what we hope will be an elevating experience, 400 meters below sea level, at the Dead Sea.

Ключевые даты

September 7, 2022 - Abstracts Submission Deadline

September 7, 2022 - Early Registration Deadline

October  6, 2022 - Notification to submitters

October 12, 2022 - On-line full program & Abstracts

November 13 – 16, 2022 - Mitochondria 2022 Workshop at Ein-Gedi