20th International Conference on Biological Inorganic Chemistry (ICBIC 20)

20th International Conference on Biological Inorganic Chemistry (ICBIC 20)
Adelaide, Adelaide Convention Centre
16-21 July 2023
Application dates
25 November 2022 — 20 March 2023
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About conference

Now that Australia has reopened its borders, we have rescheduled the Twentieth International Conference on Biological Inorganic Chemistry as an onsite event at the Adelaide Convention Centre in Adelaide, Australia from July 16 to 21.

The conference will cover all aspects of the molecular roles of metal ions in human health and disease and in the pharmaceutical and imaging sciences, as well as connections to related fields such as environmental and nutrition sciences.

We have assembled both local and national organising committees from the Australian bioinorganic community who will aim to ensure stimulating scientific and social programs.

The conference will be held in parallel with the Royal Australian Chemical Institute’s Inorganic Division National conference in the same location, with all delegates having full alccess to sessions across both conferences.


Identified themes for metals in biology research

  • Homeostasis and regulation (incl. redox)
  • Metalloproteins and metallonucleotides - structures, models, and chemical biology
  • Analytical methods - spectroscopic and molecular probes
  • Metals for diagnosis and therapy (incl. radio)
  • Metallomics and bioinformatics (systems approaches)
  • Energy, environment and sustainability
  • Metals in disease and host response

Key dates

Call for Abstract opens 25 Nov 2022

Registration form opens (early bird rate) 25 Nov 2022

Call for Abstracts closes 20 Mar 2023

Notifications to authors 3 Apr 2023

Presenter registration deadline 6 Apr 2023

Standard registration rate 7 Apr 2023

ICBIC20 16–21 July 2023


Later will be announced, check the website.