6th International School on Quantum Technologies

Страна проведения
Место проведения
Миасс, Солнечная Долина
Дата проведения
26 февраля 2023 — 4 марта 2023
Сроки подачи тезисов
До 31 января 2023
Способ проведения
Языки проведения
  • Английский
Области науки
Квантовая физика
Квантовая химия

О конференции

Every year, the Quantum Technology Center holds a unique event – a School on Quantum Technologies. This is the only annual event in Russia today covering the full range of quantum topics from theoretical aspects to the presentation of real developments.

In 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022 Schools on quantum technologies were held in Sochi, in 2021 in Voronovo. Leading experts in quantum technology made a presentations at QTS. The School annually participate up to 100 students, postgraduates and employees of specialized organizations.

Since 2020, the School has become international – world-renowned foreign scientists in quantum technologies presented their reports at subsequent Schools.

Thus, the Nobel Laureate of 2022 Anton Zeilinger (2021), Arthur Eckert (2021), Andrew Forbes (2021), Philippe  Grangier (2020), Marco Genovese (2020), Marco Bellini (2020), Mark Saffman (2021), Shigeki Takeuchi (2020), Zdenek Hradil (2020), Luis Lorenzo Sanchez Soto (2020), S.Y.Kilin (2022) and many others participated in the work of the Schools.

Reports and discussions of most relevant areas of contemporary research, an active exchange of views, the possibility of informal communication contribute to the development of scientific research, the formation of a scientific community. For students who have received the opportunity to present their research on QTS poster session, this is a great opportunity to get an authoritative opinion or advice from world-renowned scientists.

Ключевые даты

Registration & Summary Submission - 1 JANUARY, 2023 – 31 JANUARY, 2023

Организационный сбор

The registration fee is 10,000 rubles and includes participation in all School meetings, as well as accommodation, food and coffee breaks.