Fundamental Principles of Catalysis workshop 2023

Страна проведения
Место проведения
Москва, Сколтех
Дата проведения
27-28 ноября 2023
Сроки подачи тезисов
До 15 октября 2023
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  • Английский
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О конференции

Catalysis is widely used in industry to promote and steer chemical reactions in the direction of useful chemical products, such as fuels, medicine, and polymers. Finding new catalysts or improving existing ones can have a tremendous economic and ecological impact. However, it proved to be an extremely challenging task because of the complexity of catalytic processes, spanning tens or orders of magnitude in temporal and spatial scales, from motion of electrons and atoms to charge, mass and energy transfer at macroscopic scales. To address this challenge, concerted efforts of theory and experiment are required.

The idea of the workshop is to bring together experts in the field from around the globe to share knowledge and ideas about understanding and designing catalytic materials at the atomic level for various applications, including hydrogen production, natural gas conversion, carbon dioxide conversion, and other important catalytic processes. Both theoretical and experimental efforts in this direction will be represented and discussed in order to establish a fruitful dialog between theory and experiment. Specialists in different types of catalysis, including heterogeneous catalysis and electrocatalysis, will be brought together to uncover general fundamental principles, underlying catalytic processes and design of catalytic materials.

Ключевые даты

The workshop is on November 27-28

Registration: by September 30 (abstracts submission is required)

Participants selection: by October 20 (based on abstracts submitted)