The 8 Asian Conference on Coordination Chemistry (ACCC-2022)

Страна проведения
Место проведения
Тайбэй, Liberal Education Classroom Building, National Taiwan University
Дата проведения
7-11 августа 2022
Сроки подачи тезисов
1 декабря 2021 — 1 марта 2022
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  • Английский
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О конференции

The Asian Conference on Coordination Chemistry (ACCC) is the largest and most reputable regional conference in Asia focusing on the area of coordination chemistry. The aims of the conference are to provide a forum for coordination chemists from all over the world to gather together and present their most recent research findings and to offer a stimulating atmosphere to discuss and exchange ideas on the most frontier research topics in coordination chemistry. The conference also serves to showcase the fast development of coordination chemistry in Asia.

Научная программа

The conference is devoted to the recent advances and new trends in coordination chemistry including electronic structures and bonding of metal complexes, supramolecular chemistry, organometallic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, metal catalysis, small molecule activation, functional coordination compounds for materials science, biomedical science and environmental science and energy, as well as other emerging topics in coordination chemistry.


  1. Electronic Structures and Bonding of Metal Complexes
  2. Organometallic Chemistry
  3. Bioinorganic Chemistry and Biomedical Diagnostics
  4. Transition Metal
  5. Lanthanides and Actinides
  6. Main Group Element Chemistry
  7. Catalysis, Energy and Small Molecule Activation
  8. Green Chemistry
  9. Supramolecular Chemistry
  10. Magnetic Materials
  11. Metal Organic Frameworks
  12. Functional Materials
  13. Other Topics in Coordination Chemistry

Ключевые даты

Abstract submission deadline - 01. Mar. 2021

Early bird registration deadline - 17. Apr 2021

Standart registration deadline - 25. Jul. 2021

Организационный сбор

Information coming soon, check the website