Laboratory of Femtosecond Optics and Femtotechnology

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Lab team

The International Laboratory of Femtosecond Optics and Femtotechnology at ITMO University was established in 2013 with the support of the 5-100 program (the Program to increase the competitiveness of ITMO University among the world's leading scientific and educational centers for 2013-2020).

Over the past five years, the laboratory has been conducting theoretical and numerical studies of nonlinear and linear properties of materials, phenomena arising under the action of femtosecond and terahertz pulses, as well as conducting their experimental verification.

The laboratory is actively developing a direction in the field of optical information transmission, within the framework of which new physical principles of transmission using quasi-discrete spectral supercontinuums are proposed. Using equipment for pulsed terahertz spectroscopy with the possibility of registering a terahertz field, a number of experiments were carried out on the generation and control of polarization of terahertz radiation with two-color filamentation, on characterization of the properties of individual biological materials. The laboratory also conducted a number of experiments in the field of nonlinear femtosecond optics, such as measuring the nonlinear refractive index of materials, measuring the generation of the third harmonic in metamaterials with silicon nanoparticles.

The laboratory team includes a strong theoretical group. Work is underway in related areas, namely: generation of THz radiation from solid-state materials, two-dimensional materials and filamentation in air, terahertz spectroscopy with time resolution, propagation of high-intensity terahertz and optical waves in nonlinear media. The results of work in the field of femtosecond and terahertz optics of the international laboratory have been published in more than 100 scientific articles, including many highly rated journals.

  1. Absorption spectroscopy
  2. Pump-sensing spectroscopy
  3. Terahertz spectroscopy with time resolution
  4. Terahertz imaging and holography
Anton Tcypkin
Head of Laboratory
Zalipaev, Viktor Vasilyevich
Viktor Zalipaev
Senior Researcher
Maria Zhukova 🥼 🤝
Evgeniya Ponomareva
Junior researcher
Artser, Ilya Romanovich
Ilya Artser
PhD student

Research directions

Terahertz imaging

Terahertz imaging
the creation of new methods of terahertz imaging and its application in scientific and technical tasks.

Generation of the spectral supercontinuum

Generation of the spectral supercontinuum
The main activity is the numerical and experimental study of the propagation of high-intensity femtosecond pulses in optical media. Practical application of experimental data in information transmission systems and other applications.

Nonlinear terahertz optics

Nonlinear terahertz optics
The main area of activity is the study of the laws of phase self-regulation and super-amplification of the spectra of single-period paraxial optical waves in homogeneous isotropic dielectric media with inertialess cubic nonlinearity.

Nonlinear optics of femtosecond pulses

Nonlinear optics of femtosecond pulses
Investigation of nonlinear processes under the influence of high-intensity ultrashort pulses (filamentation of laser radiation, generation of spectral supercontinuum, pump-sample spectroscopy, etc.)

Publications and patents

Антон Николаевич Цыпкин, Максим Владимирович Мельник, Сергей Эдуардович Путилин, Сергей Аркадьевич Козлов
RU2537511, 2014


Lab address

199034, Санкт-Петербург, В.О., Кадетская линия 3, корп. 2
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