Laboratory of Topological Quantum Phenomena in Superconducting Systems

Head of Laboratory

Golubov, Alexander Avraamovitch

DSc in Physics and Mathematics, Professor
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Lab team

The main directions of the laboratory's research are theoretical and experimental studies of the fundamental physical properties of hybrid superconducting nanostructures, including the development of a quantitative microscopic theory of quantum processes in these systems and its comparison with the results of experiments on tunneling, electronic transport, atomic force and high-frequency spectroscopy.

The objects of research are metallic and semiconductor nanostructures based on contacts of superconductors with topological insulators.

  1. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
Vasily Stolyarov 🥼 🤝
Principal researcher
Igor Golovchanskiy
Leading researcher
Walter Pogosov 🥼 🤝
Leading researcher
Andrey Lebedev
Leading researcher
Dmitry Usachov
Leading researcher
Alexey Aladyshkin
Leading researcher
Vagov, Alexey V
Alexey Vagov
Leading researcher
Arkady Shanenko 🥼 🤝
Leading researcher
Mikhail Zykin
Senior Researcher
Olga Skryabina 🤝
Senior Researcher
Dmitry Yakovlev 🥼 🤝
Postdoctoral researcher
R Akzyanov
Andrey Shishkin
Junior researcher
Kalinin, Evgeniy Vladimirovich
Evgeniy Kalinin
Junior researcher
Polevoy, Konstantin Borisovich
Konstantin Polevoy
Junior researcher
Kalashnikov, Dmitrii Sergeevich
Dmitrii Kalashnikov
Junior researcher
Mikhail Sidelnikov
Junior researcher
Sergei Kozlov
PhD student

Research directions

Spectroscopy of topological superconductors

The properties of new superconducting compounds with unusual properties are studied using atomic force and tunneling spectroscopy methods.

Lab address

Институтский пер., 9, МФТИ, Лабораторный Корпус
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