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Lab team

The laboratory deals with the synthesis of materials in demand in the energy industry, as well as the creation of new compounds by the electric arc method, as well as the tasks of plasma waste disposal. The laboratory's work is based on an original plasma vacuum-free reactor developed by the staff of the department. Research is underway in the field of synthesis of carbides, metal borides, including high-entropy ones, and studies of the possibilities of their use as components of catalysts in the processes of hydrogen production and carbon dioxide utilization. Research is also underway in the field of involving low-grade raw materials and waste in the synthesis process.

  1. X-ray phase analysis
  2. High-resolution transmission microscopy
  3. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
  4. Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA)
  5. Vacuum-free electric arc method
Alexander Pak 🥼 🤝
Head of Laboratory

Research directions

Electric arc synthesis of catalytic materials

Reactions of hydrogen production and carbon dioxide utilization, which are the basis of future energy, usually require the presence of a catalyst, which usually consists of platinum, palladium and other expensive metals. Metal carbides can reduce the consumption of precious metals in the composition of catalysts. The direction is connected with the creation of technologies for the synthesis of such materials and the study of their properties.

Electric arc synthesis of higher metal borides

There are a number of hypothetical superhard materials that are highly likely to be useful for the manufacturing and mining industries. The developed equipment and techniques are suitable for testing hypotheses about the possibility of synthesis of crystalline phases of higher known and hypothetical borides.

Plasma recycling of waste to produce useful products

The direction is associated with the implementation of closed-cycle processes, namely, the production of useful gas, condensed products in the process of recycling organic and mineral waste.

Publications and patents

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Lab address

Томск, ул. Усова, д.7
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