Advanced Optical Materials, том 8, издание 22, номер публикации: 2001267

Photocontrollable Photonic Crystals Based on Porous Silicon Filled with Photochromic Liquid Crystalline Mixture

Svyakhovskiy Sergey 2
Bogdanov Alexey 1
Shibaev Valery 1
Cigl Martin 3
Hamplová Vera 3
Bubnov Alexej 3
Тип документаJournal Article
Дата публикации2020-10-20
Название журналаAdvanced Optical Materials
Квартиль по SCImagoQ1
Квартиль по Web of ScienceQ1
Импакт-фактор 202110.05
Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials
Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics
Краткое описание
Novel photocontrollable photonic crystals based on porous silicon prepared by electrochemical etching are elaborated and their great potential for creation of photoswitchable materials is demonstrated. For this purpose, silicon‐based photonic porous wafers are filled with photochromic liquid crystalline (LC) nematic mixture formulated by 4‐pentyl‐4′‐cyanobiphenyl and a specific azobenzene derivative. Results of electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy reveal that molecules of LC mixture are aligned along the etched channels in silicon plate, i.e., in normal direction. UV irradiation (375 nm) of the resulting composite causes a shift of photonic band gap to longer wavelengths by ≈10 nm. This phenomenon is explained by isothermal photoinduced nematic–isotropic phase transition associated with the bent‐shaped Z isomer formation of the azobenzene compound. During this transition, effective refractive index slightly increases as the initial homeotropic alignment of LC molecules transforms to the isotropic nonaligned state. This process is completely reversible under visible light action (428 nm) and can be repeated many times. Obtained photonic crystal photochromic LC composites can be considered as new promising material for photonic applications.
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TI - Photocontrollable Photonic Crystals Based on Porous Silicon Filled with Photochromic Liquid Crystalline Mixture

T2 - Advanced Optical Materials

AU - Bobrovsky, Alexey

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AU - Hamplová, Vĕra

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