Mechanical Engineering Effect in Electronic and Optical Properties of Graphene Nanomeshes

Chernozatonskii L.A., Artyukh A.A., Kvashnin A.G., Kvashnin D.G.
Тип документаJournal Article
Дата публикации2020-11-22
Название журналаACS applied materials & interfaces
ИздательAmerican Chemical Society
ISSN19448244, 19448252
  • General Materials Science
Краткое описание
Here, we present an ab initio study of ways for engineering electronic and optical properties of bilayered graphene nanomeshes with various stacking types via mechanical deformations. Strong evolution of the electronic structure and absorption spectra during deformation is studied and analyzed. The obtained results are of significant importance and open up new prospects for using such nanomeshes as materials with easily controlled properties in electronic and optoelectronic nanodevices.
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1. Chernozatonskii L.A. и др. Mechanical Engineering Effect in Electronic and Optical Properties of Graphene Nanomeshes // ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2020. Т. 12. № 49. С. 55189–55194.


DO - 10.1021/acsami.0c17060

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TI - Mechanical Engineering Effect in Electronic and Optical Properties of Graphene Nanomeshes

T2 - ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

AU - Chernozatonskii, Leonid A.

AU - Artyukh, Anastasiya A.

AU - Kvashnin, Alexander G.

AU - Kvashnin, Dmitry G.

PY - 2020

DA - 2020/11/22

PB - American Chemical Society (ACS)

SP - 55189-55194

IS - 49

VL - 12

SN - 1944-8244

SN - 1944-8252

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Chernozatonskii, Leonid A. et al. “Mechanical Engineering Effect in Electronic and Optical Properties of Graphene Nanomeshes.” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12.49 (2020): 55189–55194. Crossref. Web.