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Scientific Reports, том 9, издание 1, номер публикации: 7196

Functional duplication of Rap1 in methylotrophic yeasts

Тип документаJournal Article
Дата публикации2019-05-10
ИздательSpringer Nature
Название журналаScientific Reports
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Импакт-фактор 20215.00
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The telomere regulator and transcription factor Rap1 is the only telomere protein conserved in yeasts and mammals. Its functional repertoire in budding yeasts is a particularly interesting field for investigation, given the high evolutionary diversity of this group of unicellular organisms. In the methylotrophic thermotolerant species Hansenula polymorpha DL-1 the RAP1 gene is duplicated (HpRAP1A and HpRAP1B). Here, we report the functional characterization of the two paralogues from H. polymorpha DL-1. We uncover distinct (but overlapping) DNA binding preferences of HpRap1A and HpRap1B proteins. We show that only HpRap1B is able to recognize telomeric DNA directly and to protect it from excessive recombination, whereas HpRap1A is associated with subtelomere regions. Furthermore, we identify specific binding sites for both HpRap1A and HpRap1B within promoters of a large number of ribosomal protein genes (RPGs), implicating Rap1 in the control of the RP regulon in H. polymorpha. Our bioinformatic analysis suggests that RAP1 was duplicated early in the evolution of the “methylotrophs” clade, and the two genes evolved independently. Therefore, our characterization of Rap1 paralogues in H. polymorpha may be relevant to other “methylotrophs”, yielding valuable insights into the evolution of budding yeasts.
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