Biochemistry (Moscow), том 85, издание 11, номера страниц: 1335-1349

rRNA Methylation and Antibiotic Resistance

Тип документаJournal Article
Дата публикации2020-11
ИздательPleiades Publishing
Название журналаBiochemistry (Moscow)
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ISSN00062979, 16083040
General Medicine
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Methylation of nucleotides in rRNA is one of the basic mechanisms of bacterial resistance to protein synthesis inhibitors. The genes for corresponding methyltransferases have been found in producer strains and clinical isolates of pathogenic bacteria. In some cases, rRNA methylation by housekeeping enzymes is, on the contrary, required for the action of antibiotics. The effects of rRNA modifications associated with antibiotic efficacy may be cooperative or mutually exclusive. Evolutionary relationships between the systems of rRNA modification by housekeeping enzymes and antibiotic resistance-related methyltransferases are of particular interest. In this review, we discuss the above topics in detail.
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1. Osterman I.A., Dontsova O.A., Sergiev P.V. rRNA Methylation and Antibiotic Resistance // Biochemistry (Moscow). 2020. Т. 85. № 11. С. 1335–1349.


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TI - rRNA Methylation and Antibiotic Resistance

T2 - Biochemistry (Moscow)

AU - Osterman, I. A.

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