Combinatorial Chemistry and High Throughput Screening, том 22, издание 5, номера страниц: 346-354

Identification of n-substituted triazolo-azetidines as novel antibacterials using pdualrep2 HTS platform

Filkov Gleb I. 4
Machulkin Alexey E. 1
Aladinskiy Vladimir A. 2
Ayginin Andrey A. 5
Petrov Rostislav A. 1
Veselov Mark S. 5
Bezrukov Dmitry S. 1
Puchinina Maria M. 4
Sofronova Alina A. 6
Malyshev Alexander S. 7
Yamidanov Renat S. 5
Terentiev Victor A. 5
Chemeris Alexey V. 5
Baimiev Alexey Kh. 5
Maximova Marina A. 5
Zileeva Zulfiya R. 5
Vakhitova Yulia V. 5
Тип документаJournal Article
Дата публикации2019-01-01
ИздательBentham Science
Название журналаCombinatorial Chemistry and High Throughput Screening
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Импакт-фактор 20211.71
ISSN13862073, 18755402
Organic Chemistry
Drug Discovery
Computer Science Applications
General Medicine
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Aim and Objective:

Antibiotic resistance is a serious constraint to the development of new effective antibacterials. Therefore, the discovery of the new antibacterials remains one of the main challenges in modern medicinal chemistry. This study was undertaken to identify novel molecules with antibacterial activity.

Materials and Methods:

Using our unique double-reporter system, in-house large-scale HTS campaign was conducted for the identification of antibacterial potency of small-molecule compounds. The construction allows us to visually assess the underlying mechanism of action. After the initial HTS and rescreen procedure, luciferase assay, C14-test, determination of MIC value and PrestoBlue test were carried out.


HTS rounds and rescreen campaign have revealed the antibacterial activity of a series of Nsubstituted triazolo-azetidines and their isosteric derivatives that has not been reported previously. Primary hit-molecule demonstrated a MIC value of 12.5 µg/mL against E. coli Δ tolC with signs of translation blockage and no SOS-response. Translation inhibition (26%, luciferase assay) was achieved at high concentrations up to 160 µg/mL, while no activity was found using C14-test. The compound did not demonstrate cytotoxicity in the PrestoBlue assay against a panel of eukaryotic cells. Within a series of direct structural analogues bearing the same or bioisosteric scaffold, compound 2 was found to have an improved antibacterial potency (MIC=6.25 µg/mL) close to Erythromycin (MIC=2.5-5 µg/mL) against the same strain. In contrast to the parent hit, this compound was more active and selective, and provided a robust IP position.


N-substituted triazolo-azetidine scaffold may be used as a versatile starting point for the development of novel active and selective antibacterial compounds.

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DO - 10.2174/1386207322666190412165316

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PB - Bentham Science Publishers Ltd.

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