Nanomedicine, том 17, издание 18, номера страниц: 1217-1235

Alpha-fetoprotein mediated targeting of polymeric nanoparticles to treat solid tumors.

Sokol Maria 1, 2
Mollaev Murad D 2, 3
Zabolotsky Artur I 2, 4
Kuznetsov Sergey L 5
JSC Russian Research Center for Molecular Diagnostics and Therapy, Moscow, 117149, Russia
Dmitry Rogachev National Medical Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology, Moscow, 117198, Russia
Тип документаJournal Article
Дата публикации2022-08
ИздательFuture Medicine Ltd.
Название журналаNanomedicine
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Импакт-фактор 20216.10
ISSN17435889, 17486963
Краткое описание
Background: Serious side effects caused by paclitaxel formulation, containing toxic solubilizer Cremophor® EL, and its nonspecific accumulation greatly limit clinical paclitaxel application. Aim: To design paclitaxel-loaded copolymer of lactic and glycolic acids nanoparticles decorated with alpha-fetoprotein third domain (rAFP3d-NP) to increase paclitaxel safety profile. Methods: rAFP3d-NP was obtained via carbodiimide technique. Results: The particles were characterized with high paclitaxel loading content of 5% and size of 280 nm. rAFP3d-NP revealed biphasic profile with 67% release of paclitaxel during 220 h. Increased area under the curveinf and mean residence time values after rAFP3d-NP administration confirmed prolonged blood circulation compared with paclitaxel. rAFP3d-NP demonstrated significant tumor growth inhibition at 4T1 and SKOV-3 models. Conclusion: rAFP3d-NP is a promising delivery system for paclitaxel and can be applied similarly for delivery of other hydrophobic drugs.
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