Laboratory of Biotechnologies and Nanostructures for targeted drug delivery

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Lab team

Development of nanoscale targeted drug delivery systems.

As delivery systems, we develop, optimize and scale the technology for producing polymer particles.

We carry out a full range of preclinical tests in vitro and in vivo.

We analyze drugs using various physico-chemical and biological methods, develop and optimize analytical techniques, and perform validation. Analysis using HPLC.

Production of recombinant proteins and peptides.

Writing and execution of various accounting and regulatory documents.

  1. High-efficiency liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  2. Spectrophotometry
  3. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)
  4. Western blot
  5. Flow cytometry
  6. Cell and tissue culture
  7. Working with laboratory animals
  8. Various methods for the production of biomaterials/biocomposites, supramolecular complexes and sols of nanoparticles.
  9. Affinity chromatography
  10. Subtle organic synthesis
  11. Thin-layer chromatography
  12. UV spectroscopy
  13. Extraction
  14. Solid-phase extraction
  15. Column chromatography
  16. Working with bacterial strains
  17. Isolation and purification of target proteins
  18. Ultracentrifugation
  19. Recombinant protein expression
  20. PCR
  21. Gel electrophoresis
Elena Nikolskaya 🤝
Head of Laboratory
Yabbarov, Nikita G
Nikita Yabbarov
Senior Researcher
Sokol, Maria B
Maria Sokol
Junior researcher
Mollaeva, Mariia R
Mariia Mollaeva
Junior researcher
Chirkina, Margarita V
Margarita Chirkina
Junior researcher

Research directions

Obtaining nanoscale targeted delivery systems



Publications and patents

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Elena Nikolskaya, Evgeny VORONTSOV, Evgenij SEVERIN, Victor GULENKO, Maxim Mitrokhin, Maksim IURCHENKO, Nikita PANKOV
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Lab address

ул. Косыгина, 4, Москва, 119334
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