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Fiber-optic system for intraoperative study of abdominal organs during minimally invasive surgical interventions

Kandurova K., Dremin V., Zherebtsov E., Potapova E., Alyanov A., Mamoshin A., Ivanov Y., Borsukov A., Dunaev A.
Тип документаJournal Article
Дата публикации2019-01-09
Название журналаApplied Sciences (Switzerland)
ИздательMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)
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Импакт-фактор 20212.84
Computer Science Applications
Process Chemistry and Technology
General Materials Science
General Engineering
Fluid Flow and Transfer Processes
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The paper presents the results of experimental measurements of endogenous fluorescence and blood perfusion in patients with pathology of the organs of hepatopancreatoduodenal area in vivo. A custom setup combining channels for fluorescence spectroscopy (excitation wavelengths of 365 nm and 450 nm) and laser Doppler flowmetry (1064 nm) with fibre optical probe for nondestructive laparoscopic measurements has been developed and applied during minimally invasive operation procedure. Preliminary measurements with two aforementioned channels have been performed at specified excitation wavelengths. The possibility of obtaining fluorescence spectra and laser Doppler flowmetry signals in vivo during minimally invasive interventions was shown. Obtained data show perspectives of further research on technical and methodological development of optical diagnostic methods for minimally invasive surgery. The obtained results can be used to provide a deeper understanding of pathological processes influence on optical properties of abdominal organs tissues, which will ultimately help surgeons to determine the state of vitality in tissues and mucous membranes directly during the process of surgical intervention.

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1. Kandurova K. и др. Fiber-Optic System for Intraoperative Study of Abdominal Organs during Minimally Invasive Surgical Interventions // Applied Sciences. 2019. Т. 9. № 2. С. 217.


DO - 10.3390/app9020217

UR -

TI - Fiber-Optic System for Intraoperative Study of Abdominal Organs during Minimally Invasive Surgical Interventions

T2 - Applied Sciences

AU - Kandurova, Ksenia

AU - Dremin, Viktor

AU - Zherebtsov, Evgeny

AU - Potapova, Elena

AU - Alyanov, Alexander

AU - Mamoshin, Andrian

AU - Ivanov, Yury

AU - Borsukov, Alexey

AU - Dunaev, Andrey

PY - 2019

DA - 2019/01/09


SP - 217

IS - 2

VL - 9

SN - 2076-3417

ER -

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