Generation of high-intensity spectral supercontinuum of more than two octaves in a water jet

Tcypkin A.N., Putilin S.E., Melnik M.V., Makarov E.A., Bespalov V.G., Kozlov S.A.
Тип документаJournal Article
Дата публикации2016-10-10
Название журналаApplied Optics
ИздательOptical Society of America
ISSN1559128X, 21553165, 00036935, 15394522
Краткое описание
In this paper, we demonstrate experimentally for the first time (to our knowledge) the generation of spectral supercontinuum (SC) of more than two octaves with high intensity in a water jet. The spectrum of the generated SC extends from 350 to 1400 nm, with intensities up to 1011  W/cm2, and its generation efficiency is more than 50%. For the pump intensity 3.0×1012  W/cm2 in the spectral range from 400 to 800 nm, the spectrum is nearly flat (less than 40% deviation), which is useful for many applications.
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1. Tcypkin A.N. и др. Generation of high-intensity spectral supercontinuum of more than two octaves in a water jet // Applied Optics. 2016. Т. 55. № 29. С. 8390.


DO - 10.1364/ao.55.008390

UR -

TI - Generation of high-intensity spectral supercontinuum of more than two octaves in a water jet

T2 - Applied Optics

AU - Tcypkin, A. N.

AU - Putilin, S. E.

AU - Melnik, M. V.

AU - Makarov, E. A.

AU - Bespalov, V. G.

AU - Kozlov, S. A.

PY - 2016

DA - 2016/10/10

PB - The Optical Society

SP - 8390

IS - 29

VL - 55

SN - 0003-6935

SN - 1539-4522

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Tcypkin, A. N. et al. “Generation of High-Intensity Spectral Supercontinuum of More Than Two Octaves in a Water Jet.” Applied Optics 55.29 (2016): 8390. Crossref. Web.