Mathematical modeling and information technologies in science and education

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Lab team
  1. Conducting scientific research using methods of mathematical modeling and computational physics;
  2. Conducting scientific research in the field of information and communication technologies;
  3. Scientometric research;
  4. Development and implementation of modern information and communication technologies in the educational process and scientific research;
  5. Involvement of students and undergraduates in scientific research and innovative developments;
  6. Creating conditions for dissertation research of undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral students;
  7. Dissemination of modern knowledge about mathematical modeling methods and information and communication technologies.
  1. Mathematical modeling
Yuri Tarasevich
Head of Laboratory
Irina Vodolazskaya
Senior Researcher
Konstantin Kolegov
Senior Researcher
Eserkepov, Andrei V
Andrei Eserkepov
Junior researcher

Research directions

evaporative lithography

Investigation of methods for controlling the formation of structured precipitation of colloidal particles and solid relief coatings through external influence on the evaporation of droplets and films.

transparent electrodes based on nanowires and nanowires

Mathematical modeling of electrical and optical properties

Publications and patents

Lab address

Астрахань, ул. Татищева, 20а
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