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Semiconductor nanochannels in metallic carbon nanotubes by thermomechanical chirality alteration
Tang D., Erohin S.V., Kvashnin D.G., Demin V.A., Cretu O., Jiang S., Zhang L., Hou P., Chen G., Futaba D.N., Zheng Y., Xiang R., Zhou X., Hsia F., Kawamoto N., et. al.
Q1 Science 2021 цитирований: 8
Open Access
Open access
Realization of a tunable surface Dirac gap in Sb-doped MnBi2Te4
Ma X., Zhao Y., Zhang K., Kumar S., Lu R., Li J., Yao Q., Shao J., Hou F., Wu X., Zeng M., Hao Y., Hao Z., Wang Y., Liu X., et. al.
Q1 Physical Review B 2021 цитирований: 12
Hybridization-induced gapped and gapless states on the surface of magnetic topological insulators
Ma X., Chen Z., Schwier E.F., Zhang Y., Hao Y., Kumar S., Lu R., Shao J., Jin Y., Zeng M., Liu X., Hao Z., Zhang K., Mansuer W., Song C., et. al.
Q1 Physical Review B 2020 цитирований: 12
Distinct Topological Surface States on the Two Terminations of MnBi4Te7
Wu X., Li J., Ma X., Zhang Y., Liu Y., Zhou C., Shao J., Wang Q., Hao Y., Feng Y., Schwier E.F., Kumar S., Sun H., Liu P., Shimada K., et. al.
Q1 Physical Review X 2020 цитирований: 32
Open Access
Open access
Alkali Cation Doping for Improving the Structural Stability of 2D Perovskite in 3D/2D PSCs.
Liu C., Sun J., Tan W.L., Lu J., Gengenbach T.R., McNeill C.R., Ge Z., Cheng Y., Bach U.
Q1 Nano Letters 2020 цитирований: 47
Gapless Surface Dirac Cone in Antiferromagnetic Topological Insulator MnBi2Te4
Hao Y., Liu P., Feng Y., Ma X., Schwier E.F., Arita M., Kumar S., Hu C., Lu R., Zeng M., Wang Y., Hao Z., Sun H., Zhang K., Mei J., et. al.
Q1 Physical Review X 2019 цитирований: 151
Open Access
Open access
High thermoelectric performance in low-cost SnS 0.91 Se 0.09 crystals
He W., Wang D., Wu H., Xiao Y., Zhang Y., He D., Feng Y., Hao Y., Dong J., Chetty R., Hao L., Chen D., Qin J., Yang Q., Li X., et. al.
Q1 Science 2019 цитирований: 285
Open Access
Open access
Aqueous Route to Stable Luminescent Tetranuclear Copper(I) Dithiophosphonate Clusters.
Pillay M.N., Liao J., Liu C.W., van Zyl W.E.
Q1 Inorganic Chemistry 2019 цитирований: 14
Ultrahigh-performance transparent conductive films of carbon-welded isolated single-wall carbon nanotubes
Jiang S., Hou P., Chen M., Wang B., Sun D., Tang D., Jin Q., Guo Q., Zhang D., Du J., Tai K., Tan J., Kauppinen E.I., Liu C., Cheng H.
Q1 Science advances 2018 цитирований: 132
Open Access
Open access
Lattice-Hydride Mechanism in Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction by Structurally Precise Copper-Hydride Nanoclusters
Tang Q., Lee Y., Li D., Choi W., Liu C.W., Lee D., Jiang D.
Q1 Journal of the American Chemical Society 2017 цитирований: 173