Nano Letters, том 20, издание 8, номера страниц: 5900-5908

Young's Modulus and Tensile Strength of Ti3C2MXene Nanosheets As Revealed by in Situ TEM Probing, AFM Nanomechanical Mapping, and Theoretical Calculations

Kvashnin Dmitry 2, 3
Zhang Chao 1
Podryabinkin Evgeny V. 4
Shapeev Alexander V. 4
Siriwardena Dumindu P. 1
Sorokin P. B. 3, 5
Centre for Materials Science and School of Chemistry and Physics, Science and Engineering Faculty, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), 2 George Street, Brisbane, Queensland 4000, Australia
International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA), National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Namiki 1-1, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 3050044, Japan
Тип документаJournal Article
Дата публикации2020-07-07
ИздательAmerican Chemical Society
Название журналаNano Letters
Квартиль по SCImagoQ1
Квартиль по Web of ScienceQ1
Импакт-фактор 202112.26
ISSN15306984, 15306992
General Chemistry
Condensed Matter Physics
General Materials Science
Mechanical Engineering
Краткое описание
Two-dimensional transition metal carbides, i.e. MXenes, and especially Ti3C2, attract attention due to their excellent combination of properties. Ti3C2 nanosheets could be the material of choice for future flexible electronics, energy storage and electromechanical nanodevices. There has been limited information available on the mechanical properties of Ti3C2, which is essential for their utilization. We have fabricated Ti3C2 nanosheets and studied their mechanical properties using direct in situ tensile tests inside a transmission electron microscope, quantitative nanomechanical mapping and theoretical calculations employing machine-learning derived potentials. Young's modulus in the direction perpendicular to the Ti3C2 basal plane was found to be 80-100 GPa. The tensile strength of Ti3C2 nanosheets reached up to 670 MPa for ~40 nm thin nanoflakes, while a strong dependence of tensile strength on nanosheet thickness was demonstrated. Theoretical calculations allowed us to study mechanical characteristics of Ti3C2 as a function of nanosheet geometrical parameters and structural defects concentration.
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1. Firestein K.L. и др. Young’s Modulus and Tensile Strength of Ti3C2 MXene Nanosheets As Revealed by In Situ TEM Probing, AFM Nanomechanical Mapping, and Theoretical Calculations // Nano Letters. 2020. Т. 20. № 8. С. 5900–5908.


DO - 10.1021/acs.nanolett.0c01861

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TI - Young’s Modulus and Tensile Strength of Ti3C2 MXene Nanosheets As Revealed by In Situ TEM Probing, AFM Nanomechanical Mapping, and Theoretical Calculations

T2 - Nano Letters

AU - Firestein, Konstantin L.

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PY - 2020

DA - 2020/07/07

PB - American Chemical Society (ACS)

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