ACS Applied Bio Materials, том 3, издание 12, номера страниц: 8146-8171

Metalloporphyrins in Medicine: From History to Recent Trends.

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Дата публикации2020-11-06
ИздательAmerican Chemical Society
Название журналаACS Applied Bio Materials
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General Chemistry
Biochemistry, medical
Biomedical Engineering
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The history of metalloporphyrins dates back more than 200 years ago. Metalloporphyrins are excellent catalysts, capable of forming supramolecular systems, participate in oxygen photosynthesis, transport, and used as contrast agents or superoxide dismutase mimetics. Today, metalloporphyrins represent complexes of conjugated π-electron system and metals from the entire periodic system. However, the effect of these compounds on living systems has not been fully understood, and researchers are exploring the properties of metalloporphyrins thereby extending their further application. This review provides an overview of the variety of metalloporphyrins that are currently used in different medicine fields and how metalloporphyrins became the subject of scientists' interest. Currently, metalloporphyrins utilization has expanded significantly, which gave us an opprotunuty to summarize recent progress in metalloporphyrins derivatives and prospects of their application in the treatment and diagnosis of different diseases.
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