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Nucleus, издание 8, том 6, страницы 641-653

Interstitial telomeric repeats-associated DNA breaks

Тип публикацииJournal Article
Дата публикации2017-09-15
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Taylor & Francis
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ISSN19491034, 19491042, 0864084X, 20755635
Cell Biology
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ABSTRACT During a cell's lifespan, DNA break formation is a common event, associated with many processes, from replication to apoptosis. Most of DNA breaks are readily repaired, but some are meant to persist in time, such as the chromosome ends, protected by telomeres. Besides them, eukaryotic genomes comprise shorter stretches of interstitial telomeric repeats. We assumed that the latter may also be associated with the formation of DNA breaks meant to persist in time. In zebrafish and mouse embryos, cells containing numerous breakage foci were identified. These breaks were not associated with apoptosis or replication, nor did they seem to activate DNA damage response machinery. Unlike short-living, accidental sparse breaks, the ones we found seem to be closely associated, forming discrete break foci. A PCR-based method was developed, allowing specific amplification of DNA regions located between inverted telomeric repeats associated with breaks. The cloning and sequencing of such DNA fragments were found to denote some specificity in their distribution for different tissue types and development stages.

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Shubernetskaya O. et al. Interstitial telomeric repeats-associated DNA breaks // Nucleus. 2017. Vol. 8. No. 6. pp. 641-653.
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Shubernetskaya O., Skvortsov D., Evfratov S., Rubtsova M., Belova E., Strelkova O., Cherepaninets V., Zhironkina O., Olovnikov A., Zvereva M., Dontsova O., Kireev I., Kireev I. Interstitial telomeric repeats-associated DNA breaks // Nucleus. 2017. Vol. 8. No. 6. pp. 641-653.
DO - 10.1080/19491034.2017.1356501
UR -
TI - Interstitial telomeric repeats-associated DNA breaks
T2 - Nucleus
AU - Shubernetskaya, Olga
AU - Skvortsov, Dmitry
AU - Cherepaninets, Varvara
AU - Zhironkina, Oxana
AU - Olovnikov, Alexey
AU - Dontsova, Olga
AU - Kireev, Igor
AU - Evfratov, Sergey
AU - Rubtsova, Maria
AU - Belova, Elena
AU - Strelkova, Olga
AU - Zvereva, Maria
AU - Kireev, I.
PY - 2017
DA - 2017/09/15 00:00:00
PB - Taylor & Francis
SP - 641-653
IS - 6
VL - 8
PMID - 28914588
SN - 1949-1034
SN - 1949-1042
SN - 0864-084X
SN - 2075-5635
ER -
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Shubernetskaya, Olga, et al. “Interstitial telomeric repeats-associated DNA breaks.” Nucleus, vol. 8, no. 6, Sep. 2017, pp. 641-653.