Molecular Biology, том 48, издание 4, номера страниц: 563-572

High expression levels and nuclear localization of novel Danio rerio ncRNA transcribed from a genomic region containing repetitive elements

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Дата публикации2014-07
ИздательPleiades Publishing
Название журналаMolecular Biology
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ISSN00268933, 16083245
Structural Biology
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Noncoding and repetitive sequences make up a large part of the genome of high eukaryotes, but the elucidation of their roles and mechanisms of action are poorly understood. In this work, we found that interstitial telomeric repeats in the genome of Danio rerio colocalize with repetitive elements, including hAT and EnSpm, which are widely represented in vertebrate genomes. The investigation of a genomic region containing two pairs of these repeats located in close proximity showed that the area is transcribed. RNA-dependent structures containing this sequence were identified in D. rerio fibroblast nuclei, which indicates the functional importance of genomic repetitive elements or their transcripts.
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1. Shubernetskaya O.S. и др. High expression levels and nuclear localization of novel Danio rerio ncRNA transcribed from a genomic region containing repetitive elements // Molecular Biology. 2014. Т. 48. № 4. С. 563–572.


DO - 10.1134/s002689331404013x

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TI - High expression levels and nuclear localization of novel Danio rerio ncRNA transcribed from a genomic region containing repetitive elements

T2 - Molecular Biology

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