Head of Laboratory

Arzumanyan, Ashot V

PhD in Chemistry
Authorization required.

Synthesis and transformations of compounds of group IV elements.

Our interests:• Aerobic oxidation; • SiO2-based aerogels; • Catalytic hydrosilylation; • Cross-combination and C-H activation; • HOF, MOF, COF; etc.

  1. NMR spectroscopy of liquids (1D, 2D, 3D);
  2. Gas chromatography
  3. Gel penetrating chromatography
  4. Thin-layer chromatography
  5. Column chromatography
  6. EPR spectroscopy
  7. IR spectroscopy
  8. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
  9. High-resolution transmission microscopy
  10. X-ray diffraction analysis
  11. Mass spectrometry
Ashot Arzumanyan
Head of Laboratory
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Kholodkov, Dmitry N.
Dmitry Kholodkov
Junior researcher
Shiryaeva, Tatiana P
Tatiana Shiryaeva
Junior researcher
Kutumov, Sergey
Sergey Kutumov
Junior researcher
Gleb Kubrin
Senior Assistant
Filatov, Stepan
Stepan Filatov
Senior Assistant

Research directions

Heterophase Pt-catalyzed hydrosilylation

Heterophase Pt-catalyzed hydrosilylation
One of the main industrial problems of the hydrosilylation process - the addition of hydridsilanes to unsaturated compounds - is the high cost of a Pt catalyst. About 30% of the cost of the final product is brought by the use of a Pt complex with tetramethyldivinyldisiloxane. One of the ways to solve this problem is to use heterophase regenerated catalytic systems based on Pt. On the one hand, they exhibit the same high catalytic activity as industrial catalysts (and sometimes surpass it), and on the other hand, they are easily separated from the reaction mass and reused. At the same time, the components of the catalytic system are cheap, commercially available and do not require special operating conditions - the reaction proceeds effectively at room temperature and in atmospheric air.

SiO2-based aerogels

SiO2-based aerogels
Siloxane aerogels are highly demanded materials with a wide range of useful properties. However, the classical methods of obtaining them include a number of lengthy and time-consuming technological stages. The development of new catalytic systems makes it possible to significantly reduce the time for obtaining aerogel from several weeks to 12 hours. In this case, it is possible to adjust the structure of the final aerogel: hydrophobicity, transparency, solvent resistance, color, etc.

Liquid-phase aerobic metal/organo-catalyzed oxidation

Liquid-phase aerobic metal/organo-catalyzed oxidation
The approach developed in the scientific group to the functionalization of organosilicon compounds makes it possible to obtain a wide range of products under mild conditions and using commercially available reagents: silanols and carboxyphenylsilanes and their derivatives. Commercially and synthetically available derivatives, hydridsilanes and tolylsilanes, respectively, are used as precursors.

Publications and patents

Ашот Вачикович Арзуманян, Ирина Константиновна Гончарова, Валентин Георгиевич Лахтин
RU2789225C1, 2023
Ашот Вачикович Арзуманян, Азиз Мансурович Музафаров, Ирина Константиновна Гончарова, Александра Александровна Калинина
RU2633351C1, 2017

Lab address

ул. Вавилова, д. 28с1
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