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Ananikov, Valentine P

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Organic synthesis

Molecular complexity and transformations


Modeling and theoretical studies of chemical processes

Carbon balance and carbon-neutral technologies in modern research and development

Study of the toxicity and biological activity of catalytic systems

The use of artificial intelligence in chemical research

  1. NMR spectroscopy
  2. Mass spectrometry
  3. Machine learning
  4. Catalysis
  5. Photocatalysis
Valentine Ananikov
Head of Laboratory
Darya Prima 🤝
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Andrey Kolesnikov 🤝 🥼
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Research directions

Theory of dynamic catalysis

An approach to the spatially localized characterization of deposited catalysts during the reaction is proposed. It consists of applying combinations of several types of electron microscopy to visualize particles from arrays of surface nanoparticles to individual nanoparticles and individual atoms. Studying the evolution of specific metal catalyst particles at different scales over time for a cross-combination catalytic reaction has allowed us to approach the concept of 4D catalysis - tracking the positions of catalytic centers in space (3D) and in time (+1D). The dynamic behavior of individual palladium atoms and nanoparticles in cross-combination reactions has been detected with atomic resolution due to the precise localization of catalytic centers. Single palladium atoms, under the action of a catalytic system, are washed out of the carrier into a solution, where they exhibit extremely high catalytic activity compared to the remaining surface metal nanoparticles. Monatomic centers, which make up only about 1% of palladium in the Pd/C system, provide more than 99% of the catalytic activity. The remaining palladium nanoparticles change their shape and can move along the surface of the substrate, which was recorded by processing images of an array of nanoparticles with a neural network.

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