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Mechanism and dynamics of fatty acid photodecarboxylase
Sorigué D., Hadjidemetriou K., Blangy S., Gotthard G., Bonvalet A., Coquelle N., Samire P., Aleksandrov A., Antonucci L., Benachir A., Boutet S., Byrdin M., Cammarata M., Carbajo S., Cuiné S., et. al.
Q1 Science 2021 цитирований: 15
Frontiers in Multiscale Modeling of Photoreceptor Proteins
Mroginski M., Adam S., Amoyal G.S., Barnoy A., Bondar A., Borin V.A., Church J.R., Domratcheva T., Ensing B., Fanelli F., Ferré N., Filiba O., Pedraza‐González L., González R., González‐Espinoza C.E., et. al.
Q1 Photochemistry and Photobiology 2021 цитирований: 5
CHARMM Force-Field Parameters for Morphine, Heroin, and Oliceridine, and Conformational Dynamics of Opioid Drugs
Giannos T., Lešnik S., Bren U., Hodošček M., Domratcheva T., Bondar A.
Q1 Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 2021 цитирований: 1
Protonation States of Molecular Groups in the Chromophore-Binding Site Modulate Properties of the Reversibly Switchable Fluorescent Protein rsEGFP2
Grigorenko B.L., Domratcheva T., Polyakov I.V., Nemukhin A.V.
Q1 Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2021 цитирований: 0
Four resonance structures elucidate double-bond isomerisation of a biological chromophore
Gromov E.V., Domratcheva T.
Q1 Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2020 цитирований: 3
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Three-dimensional view of ultrafast dynamics in photoexcited bacteriorhodopsin
Nass Kovacs G., Colletier J., Grünbein M.L., Yang Y., Stensitzki T., Batyuk A., Carbajo S., Doak R.B., Ehrenberg D., Foucar L., Gasper R., Gorel A., Hilpert M., Kloos M., Koglin J.E., et. al.
Q1 Nature Communications 2019 цитирований: 56
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Spiers Memorial Lecture Introductory lecture: The impact of structure on photoinduced processes in nucleic acids and proteins
Domratcheva T., Schlichting I.
Q1 Faraday Discussions 2018 цитирований: 1
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Indications of 5′ to 3′ Interbase Electron Transfer as the First Step of Pyrimidine Dimer Formation Probed by a Dinucleotide Analog
Jian Y., Maximowitsch E., Liu D., Adhikari S., Li L., Domratcheva T.
Q1 Chemistry - A European Journal 2017 цитирований: 5
Molecular mechanism of the dark-state recovery in BLUF photoreceptors
Khrenova M.G., Domratcheva T., Nemukhin A.V.
Q2 Chemical Physics Letters 2017 цитирований: 7
Onset of the Electronic Absorption Spectra of Isolated and π-Stacked Oligomers of 5,6-Dihydroxyindole: An Ab Initio Study of the Building Blocks of Eumelanin
Tuna D., Udvarhelyi A., Sobolewski A.L., Domcke W., Domratcheva T.
Q1 Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2016 цитирований: 31
Single Hydrogen Bond Donation from Flavin N5 to Proximal Asparagine Ensures FAD Reduction in DNA Photolyase
Wijaya I.M., Domratcheva T., Iwata T., Getzoff E.D., Kandori H.
Q1 Journal of the American Chemical Society 2016 цитирований: 20
Evidence for Tautomerisation of Glutamine in BLUF Blue Light Receptors by Vibrational Spectroscopy and Computational Chemistry
Domratcheva T., Hartmann E., Schlichting I., Kottke T.
Q1 Scientific Reports 2016 цитирований: 44
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Role of the Molecular Environment in Flavoprotein Color and Redox Tuning: QM Cluster versus QM/MM Modeling
Udvarhelyi A., Olivucci M., Domratcheva T.
Q1 Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 2015 цитирований: 21
Theoretical characterization of the flavin-based fluorescent protein iLOV and its Q489K mutant
Khrenova M.G., Nemukhin A.V., Domratcheva T.
Q1 Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2015 цитирований: 32
Separation of photo-induced radical pair in cryptochrome to a functionally critical distance
Solov'yov I.A., Domratcheva T., Schulten K.
Q1 Scientific Reports 2014 цитирований: 50
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